Buyer Services.

The decision to purchase a home is likely one of the largest financial decisions you will make. By aligning yourself with Jason Kloss, a real estate professional whose job it is to search for your perfect home full-time, you are ahead of the home-buying curve. Jason has the training, experience, and resources necessary to help you find the perfect home, wherever you want to live, and even in the most competitive marketplaces. Throughout the process, homebuyers are provided with the best possible purchasing experience. Buyers are regularly kept up to date on current real estate market trends and housing activity. Jason Kloss can also offer buyers exclusive access to our unique mortgage and relocation services.

Guide to Buying a House based on Your Lifestyle

The home you buy is usually dictated by your lifestyle. Whole neighborhoods have been developed around how certain groups of buyers live their lives.

Here are some typical options that cities offer.

City Center

Land prices in downtown areas tend to be more expensive so even though the cost to build homes is the same, the price of the land dictates that a home in the city center will be more expensive. Offsetting the price is the fact that you can walk to most services, perhaps even to work, so your travel costs will likely be less.


Kid friendlier, newer homes, outdoor space availability, more parks, community involvement opportunities, and newer schools all appeal to family life. Homes are likely to be a longer commute.


Acreages can vary from a small farm to a suburb-like home with just a bigger lot. Depending upon what you want to accomplish, acreage living offers a multitude of options.

The Homebuying Process